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Infrastructure Design and Implementation
Network infrastructure is the backbone of a business and drives the productivity of its employees by providing fast access to information and resources. This area is often the most overlooked, but nonetheless most important and provides the basis for future growth. A network that is not designed for growth will be more expensive to upgrade. Areas of network infrastructure include but not limited to cabling, storage and equipment selection specification including but not limited to servers and desktop units.
Bond Communications has the expertise to conduct an assessment of your existing infrastructure and provide the skills to enhance your access to information. In addition, Bond Communications has had extensive experience in the design and implementation of network infrastructure from the construction through completion phase of building.

DSL and Wide Area Networking
With the tremendous growth in Internet usage, the need to provide faster connection speeds continues. Traditional technologies such as modems can often not provide the desired increase in speed (bandwidth). A number of new technologies are being developed with 'DSL', that provides high speed over existing telephone cabling becoming increasingly popular. Bond Communications has gained valuable experience and knowledge about DSL Internet access. DSL access to the Internet is becoming increasingly available at decreasing prices. It also appears to becoming more accepted by small business users, education and large businesses.

Network Billing and Management

Wireless on Site Paging
In today’s fast paced world, effective communications can change the course of events. Being able to contact the right person at the right time could mean the difference between life and death.
We provide a complete line of Wireless Paging systems, Wireless Nurse Call systems, Wireless Butler Call, Wireless PA systems, Emergency Wireless Notification systems and many other application specific wireless solutions.

Radio, Voice and Data Networks

PABX Switching / CRM / Integration
A few short years ago, PBX was not as central to the business as it is today. Today, many enterprises rely on it as it offers them competitive advantage. PBX has become more than just a voice switch; it is a switch that can also facilitate data and video communication. These systems are guaranteed to bring improved efficiency, better communication and reliable security to enterprises of all sizes.
The Integrated Messaging System allows you to manage fax messages as efficiently as voice mail within a single session. In one call, you can add a voice comment to a fax or add a fax to a voice message. When out of office, the faxes can be retrieved by routing them to a fax machine or a printer. You are also facilitated to forward messages with your supplementary message to individuals or groups.
The Integration with Property Management System offers automatic activation/deactivation of Direct Dialing and Mailbox. The Housekeeping has an option to change Housekeeping status straight from the room. The guests are billed automatically for dialing out.
The Integration with Paging System facilitates automatic call out of the concerned staff for priority calls.
The Integration with Interactive Multimedia and Door Access enables you to provide further enhanced services to your valued guests.
A PABX provides enough extensions and additional facilities like voice messaging, paging unified messaging etc.  Each user can have a separate number on which outside calls can be directly received without going through an operator or answering services enabling the Client to provide better customer service. This system can be integrated with Videophones to allow the user to see and decide on the visitors and provide Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions, including unified message.  IP Office solutions within the same switch, meeting voice and data requirements and numerous functionalities is another integrated technology solution offered by Bond

IP Telephony
When voice, video and data network technologies converge, the result is a boost to customer care capabilities, employee productivity, and corporate effectiveness.
Bond provides IP and wireless IP telephony products from a complete range of communication devices. IP Phones is a cost-effective, single-line, entry-level IP phone servicing the voice communications needs of any enterprise where only basic calling capability is required. Wireless IP Phones extends the power of IP Communications using a powerful converged wireless solution with intelligent wireless infrastructure.

BGM/PA Systems
Background Music systems can be provided in whole premises to give a relaxed atmosphere for the tenants.  These who want to bypass wired networks or have no wired options. Distances may be, for example, 20, 30, or 50 kilometers.

Our solutions are ideal for the following:

  • Government Entities
  • Corporate Sites, particularly with extended campuses
  • Enterprise Application Deployment
  • Healthcare Organizations requiring secure, HIPAA-compliant wireless
  • transmission of private data
  • Libraries, Schools, and Universities
  • Towns and Cities, rural or urban
  • Systems Integrators

Combining leading packet-on-demand technology and time division duplexing, Bond Communications’ wireless networking solutions provide the capability for voice, real-time video conferencing, transmission of full streaming video, Web surfing, and transmission of data files - all simultaneously and over one connection.