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Property Management Systems
An ideal solution that ensures optimal service standards for your valued guests and enhances the performance capabilities of your staff, hence always keeping you ahead of the competition.
The core product 'Front Office Suite' offers fully integrated solution for reservations, front desk, concierge, front office cashiering, housekeeping, night audit, guest history, comprehensive statistics, telephone operators, sales and catering. An innovative user interface and windows environment makes it highly user-friendly.

The philosophy of the system is centered around the concept of user definable software that allows Bond to adopt modules that conforms to your requirements providing ability to grow as the requirements evolve.

Using the latest technology, the solution combines high performance, dependability, ease-of-use, low cost of lifetime ownership and low maintenance.
Software that manages the marketing, booking, and billing of rooms for hotels, motels, and resorts
Bond Communications provides profit-enhancing solutions to hotel customers, focusing on providing high-quality software applications to the hospitality industry. Our products include property management and central reservation systems, data warehouses, PBX switches, voice mail, guest room and front desk telephones and call accounting units.
We also provide solutions for empowering & improving both productivity & performance for full-service Hotels, Resorts, Meeting/Conference Centers, Multi-property, and Corporate & Enterprise Operations. The completely integrated & web-enabled solutions encompass Front Office & A/R, Sales & Catering, Internet Reservations, Club/Spa/Tee-Time Mgmt, Centralized Ops, Yield Mgmt and Point-Of-Sale.
Property Management System (PMS) is designed to meet the varied requirements of any size hotel to help the management to run the operations at a greater level of productivity and profitability.  The proposed Solution is a fully integrated suite of products consisting of modules that can be easily added or expanded allowing effective and easy deployment from smaller operations to global, multi-branded hotel chain environments. The System can be deployed in any size environment, from a single property with just Front Office to a large, full service hotel with Sales & Marketing, Catering, Revenue Management, Quality Management, Back Office, and Materials Management.  In addition, the system offers products for a hotel chain’s corporate office, including our Central Reservations Systems for both centralized guestroom and function space sales, and Enterprise Information System, the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) package specifically designed for the hotel industry.

Property Maintenance Systems
The property maintenance system is a well designed and implemented preventive maintenance program with the most basic element for providing consistent quality. The rapid response to correct any fault before the guest is affected is its quality. A fast, simple to use method for reporting various faults in various languages is needed to encourage team members to report these issues as soon as they are noticed. An efficient dispatching is needed to get orders to the trade people and finally to track the repair to ensure the work is in order in a timely fashion.

Property Procurement and Inventory Management
Inventory Management system is complete hotel procurement, materials management and operational cost control system with receipt and beverage revenue Enhancement features. The system has a broad range of features and functionality, like stock status reports, laser scanner for inventory & purchase requisitions, analysis revenue potentials, monthly payable interface, etc… which addresses the needs of the hotels.

Point of Sale Systems
We specialize in providing customized POS systems that improve business and transaction efficiency for Hotels, restaurants and retailers.
Our software product, is easy to use, and works seamlessly with your accounting software, making it simple to manage your business. With the aid of common barcode scanners and touch screen interfaces, you can process your sales quickly and efficiently, without having to learn a completely new software system!!
Bond Communications’ systems are designed to dramatically improve your control of inventory, customer information and point of sale details. Using our dynamic software product and a selection of quality components from an array of high quality point of sale vendors and more, we help transform our customers' business environments every day.
Bond Communications offer Point-of-Sales systems that are focused on:

  • Improving guest experience
  • Increasing revenues & margins
  • Insuring better business control
  • Improved system reliability & performance
  • Establishing user comfort

These systems work anytime, anywhere: Wireless, Internet, Handhelds, Touch screens.

Some references:

  • Burj Al Arab
  • Diplomatic Club, Qatar
  • Grand Hayatt, Dubai
  • Syahya Hotels, Saudi Arabia (8 hotels)
  • Royal Caribbean Cruise Line
  • New York – New York Hotel Casino
  • PGA Tour
  • Regal Airport Hotel, Hongkong
  • Grand Central Station’s Metrazur, New York
  • Sydney Convention Center

Accounting Software
Bond Communications’ accounting software has been installed in 47 countries around the world. It has become synonymous with professionalism, leadership, user satisfaction and exceptional support. The system offers:

  • Complete Procurement
  • Materials Management
  • Operational Controls
  • Global Deployment
  • Multi Currency
  • Multi or Single Property

Some of the satisfied clients include:

  • Sheraton
  • Jumeirah International
  • Loews
  • Fairmont
  • Four Seasons
  • Hyatt Hotels
  • Cornell University

Interactive TV Systems
Interactive Television system has become a basic standard in the hospitality industry.  Bond provides state-of-the-are Hotel Interactive Television (HITV) systems meetings the requirements of all the category of hotels providing numerous user-friendly features for the guests including Play station games.  Bond provides networked based as well as co-axial cable based Interactive Television systems.  This enables new as well as existing hotels to provide the system without hassles of extra infrastructure charges.  The HiTV works hand-in-hand with the Video on Demand System to provide a complete entertainment solution for the hotel guests.  Various features like wake up calls, view bills, room service, restaurant reservation, movies, TV channels, Internet Access, Video Games, Weather information, A/C Controls, etc are available with the system depending on requirement.

Interactive Multimedia Systems
Audio Video capture, store and stream are the technology of the day.  Bond provides Movie on Demand, Audio on Demand, Personal / Network Video recording of Broadcast TV etc as an integrated system with the Interactive Television System for hotels. Similar systems for education institutions, cultural centers, Broadcast studios etc. are also provided. Bond Communications also provides the Audio and Video Content for these systems for a complete solution.
Hotels and Resorts everywhere have discovered this new and dynamic vehicle for their message, transforming typical marketing material into high-tech, interactive, multimedia presentations.

Each project is initiated with 3 clear objectives:

  • Maximization of Marketing Potential
  • Ease of Use
  • Evolution of Content

CDs can be utilized for various applications:

  • CD Catalogues
  • CD Business Cards
  • Training CD
  • Support Sales & Marketing Representatives
  • Digital Card CD

Other uses include: Electronic Press Kits, Services Launches, Promotional Campaigns, Interactive Annual Reports, Seminar Presentations and Interactive Maps for Locations, Conferences and Banqueting.

Door Access Systems
Proximity access control system is proposed for avoiding forgetting keys, and opening hassles etc.  Each person will be given an encoded access device, which will be properly identified.  The opening and closing of the door will be recorded in the server.  These transactions can be read from server.  Restricted access can be programmed as per the requirement and easy to handle.  There is provision for long-range reader, which allows the user to just walk in. No swiping or turning keys.  The key can be programmed in such a way that it will be automatically deactivated from the server in case of exigencies.  Additional provision for opening these locks calling from your mobile phones can be programmed.  Also there is provision on online proximity access control system to view the door transactions on Internet Explorer.             

Electronic Dynamic Signage
Designed and developed exclusively for Hospitality Industry, the computerized display system offering high graphics display on wide choice of display sizes including Plasmas. The system completely automates display of event information using its scheduling software and offers full integration with all major conference management systems and property management systems.  With virtually unlimited configuration options, it is the ultimate information display solution for any property – large or small
Digital information displays can highlight the important events and messages for customers and staff.  The system offers easy integration with other systems like SMATV, CCTV, Property Management systems, Fire Alarm, BMS etc.
Innovative Dynamic Displays
Exclusively designed for Hotels & Conference Centers
Custom built display boards
Various display sizes
High Brightness
Ultra-wide viewing technology

Supports Graphics and Text, Central Information Control, Automatic information update at pre-defined time intervals, Seamless Interface with PMS / Banquets / Conference Systems, Windows based intelligent control software, Time controlled display, Multiple fonts & graphics, Automatic display of advertising or any other information when idle, Network and standalone environment

Event Information, Hotel Information, City Information, Flight Information, Currency Information, Advertisement

Automated Process, Up-to-date Information, No Delays, No Mistakes, Revenue Center, Totally Labor-Free Operation

Mini Bars and Guest Room Safes
We offer wide range of guest room mini bars and safes available in all standard sizes and custom-made as well.
 The mini bars are built utilizing the latest and environment friendly technology offering fuzzy logic energy control and sensor-controlled cooling units (CUC). The wide range offers flexible door and shelving configuration, automatic defrost option for interior light and many more features.
The room safes offer wide choice starting from conventional mini safes to Laptop safes equipped with electronic lock, high-touch keypad, LCD display, opening/acoustic signal, electronic master code for emergency and audit trail.
The products are designed to be easily integrated into the room furniture.
Mini Bar opens up other dimensions for minibars designed to be integrated into hotel furniture. The Compact's outer dimensions ensure easy fitting into existing or new furniture. The new flexible shelving allows products to be easily altered to adapt to changes in consumption trends or bottle sizes. Guests can be offered a wider choice of products, which can help stimulate impulse purchase and generate more incremental profit.

Electronics safes stand for security
All models have a superior locking mechanism, rugged steel construction and an easily controlled electronic override system which can be reprogrammed if required. No keys to copy or loose. Safes are easy to use and maintain – they provide guests with maximum security, ease of operation and user mistakes or accidental lockouts are eliminated. The self-detecting trouble shooter provides audio and visual feedback. The safes are reliable and assures years of experience and technical expertise.

Guest Room Automation
We offer tailor made systems specific to each customer requirements offering  easy-to-use, yet sophisticated user interfaces, simplifying the automation and integration of audio/video, environmental and communications technologies. We provide total control solutions for many different commercial settings and applications, including broadcasting, education, entertainment, government, healthcare, hotels, houses of worship, network operations centers, presentation facilities and retail. Our control systems also provide residential solutions in a variety of applications, including home theater, whole home integration and private transportation.

Intelligent light control systems
Intelligent light control systems can create scenes with light just by pressing a single button on the remote control or the wall mount control station.  These controls can be programmed to control all the systems in the room.  E.g. when you go to sleep, all the systems will be off and the light will be dimmed to a minimum, when you want to watch a movie, the curtains will be closed, lights will be dimmed and the TV will switch on etc.  These systems will help in power saving also.

Engineering and Guest Response Systems
The system helps hotels further enhance their guest services and provide their valued guests with the very best in the customer service and quality.  The solution combines Guest Request Hotline Management, Corrective Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance and Quality Inspection Modules integrated with EAPBX, Property Management System, Paging System, Email, Mobile Phones and Building Management System. The fully automated process significantly reduces the time it takes to communicate, respond and resolve the issues very often before the guests are affected. The work orders are tracked online until completion and then stored in the history for comprehensive statistics and reporting.  The system also offers consolidation of service history data at regional and corporate level.

High Speed Plug and Play Internet
Our integrated plug-play high-speed internet access solution offers business travelers a true “office away from the office” and a way to work more productively outside the office. Completely automated and self-managed, our solution enables hotel deploys a comprehensive range of 24-hours business services to their guests in the convenience of their rooms quickly, efficiently and at their own convenience. With no reconfiguration or software installation required, guests can simply connect their notebook computers directly into the high-speed internet data point provided in the room and access Internet, high quality printing, secure corporate network and much more…
The system is a comprehensive solution that provides hotel with all the management, accounting and billing components necessary to easily and efficiently distribute high-speed via services throughout the hotel property.  A totally flexible solution, it extends services everywhere within the hotel property including guest rooms, meeting rooms, business center, convention center etc.