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Parking, Barriers and Control Systems
Bond Communications along with its partners deliver quality performance BMS solutions by providing quality products in the field of Building Management System. The Integrated building solutions implemented were developed with input from thousands of Owners and Users of Facility Management System. Bond Communications assists you in making your building operations faster, easier and more efficient by providing solid support.

The offered facility Management System represents a revolutionary new way of thinking about Building Management and Control and it sets a new industry standard for quality performance and reliability. Open architecture systems, built around industry standards from top to bottom resulting in the advantage of ongoing improvements in hardware and software plus the promise of a system that will improve over time. The following are some of the features of the BMS solution provided by Bond:
  • A distributed architecture built to accomplish three basic functions:
    • Stand-alone Control.
    • Supervisory Control.
    • Information Management.
  • The distributed architecture offers more benefits ensuring a more
    efficient system and eliminating bottlenecks resulting in a better use of the processor horsepower. This assures a more reliable system through improved fault tolerance, no single point of failure can bring down your whole system.
  • The offered systems are scalable systems, thereby the Customer needs to buy only what is needed and can expand later with no loss of original investment. The system architecture will support future connectivity and open system options as they arise
  • The application specific controllers are complete digital control system. Application specific controller is completely independent; each one can also be connected to higher-level controllers using a simple network. Bond communications provides a full family of compatible sensors, valves, dampers and Actuators, everything you need for integrated controls.
  • High performance supervisory control, providing central monitoring of alarms and collect and store data on historical trends, equipment run time, and energy consumption.  These supervisory controllers can also perform global control functions, such as point sharing and building wide interlocks.
  • Easy to use workstations, by using a mouse the operator can simply point and click through dynamic graphics of floor plans and system schematic, live trend data, historical information   and   comprehensive reports and summaries. The Operator Workstation places the building manager in full control of a facility providing the ability to interactively change status, schedules set points and control strategies.  This  not  only  means  complete access to all information  from  every  part  of  the network, but it also means that the information  is  presented  to  you the way you want it to be. The Operator Workstation can support a full-featured maintenance program providing the facility of effectively managing your ongoing equipment maintenance.

Graphic tool that lets you define points, control  loops,  sequence  of  operation  and  computation  using  a visual presentation  that looks much to a process flow diagram. Graphical programs can even be simulated to fully test your control logic before it is implemented.