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Bond Communications were awarded the Dubai Mall Audio Visual Systems Package.
The Dubai Mall, a part of the Burj Dubai development is to be ranked as the World’s largest Mall, with a total of 1.5 million square feet.

Bond communications’ overall responsibility is for the design and implementation of the Sound System, the Stage Lighting, the Broadcast Facilities, an LCD signage system and the Motorised Stage Platform, one of the most advanced high tech systems of its kind.

The Special Sound System is a state of the art PA (Public Address) BGM (Back Ground Music) system utilizing the latest DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology, delivering quality sound coverage to the designated indoor and outdoor areas. Each atrium has a:
  • Ground floor Line Array speaker system
  • First floor 8” dual concentric ceiling speakers
  • Second floor 8” dual concentric ceiling speakers
Local DSP (Digital Sound Processor) in each atrium are connected to the Multi Media Control room to the master DSP over fibre.
This facilitates access to the central source equipment which is selected and transmitted on Cobranet to the local DSP; conversely signals from a live event in any atrium may be sent to the control room and distributed to other zones if required.

A normal event would be pre selected for the audio from the main control room source equipment ie CD Players
Similarly the effects lighting would be set up from the same control room these have the options to be scheduled as required by the event ie auto run at key times as required.
Or a pre selection of stored effects lighting scenes may be selected from a panel in the Fire Hose Reel locations.
For everyday use each event space and its associated areas on the first and second floor could run background music themed to suit.

Permanent systems have been installed for promotions or events in the following atriums.

  • Treasury Dome (no fixed speaker systems)
  • Fashion Island Plaza
  • Souk Atrium
  • Grand Atrium
  • Media Drum
  • Fountain Oasis
  • Star Atrium

In each of these locations installed above a fire hose reel cabinet is small equipment rack housing

  • Power Distribution
  • DSP (Digital Sound Processing)
  • Amplifiers
  • Connectivity for Audio, Internal Broadcast Video and DMX Lighting Control

Fixed within each of the above noted event spaces are

  • Ground Floor Column Type Line Array Speakers
  • First & Second Floor 8” Dual concentric Ceiling Speakers
  • Martin Mac 2000 Intelligent Lighting Fixtures

For larger promotions or events the operator has the option to include portable systems providing a stage set up for microphones instruments etc and front stage Speaker systems being controlled locally from a portable mixing system.
The portable systems may also be integrated with the permanent systems allowing playback into the local area speakers or the event may be broadcast to the other atriums. (Which may also be available as video to be explained in another document).

The areas noted in this section are not generally deemed as major event spaces however the do have DSP’s and some areas have fixed speaker systems plus the connectivity options available as described above. This would facilitate the running of themed background music and the inclusion and integration of the portable systems.

  • The Grove (three sections)
  • Carnival Walk (no fixed speakers)
  • Ice Rink (no fixed speakers)
  • Fashion Island Atrium
  • Concourse no fixed speakers)
  • Galleria (no fixed speakers)
  • Food Courts (no fixed speakers)

The Stage Lighting system involves the installation of the latest luminaries and moving head projectors, for both permanent and mobile installations. Fixed intelligent lighting in all event atriums powered from localised distribution boards.
These sit on a DMX over fibre network and may be operated;-

  • From the centrally located Multi Media Control in which is located a permanent control desk.
  • From a local scene select panel
  • Locally from a portable “live’ desk.

The Broadcast Facilities are designed to provide the infrastructure required by broadcasters to simultaneously transmit their signal from the event location to the OB (Outside Broadcast) van or to the studios for recording. Each event space has, audio/ video IP/OP Composite and HDSDI panels converted over fibre to the Multi Media control room.
All signals lines have bi directional functionality.
The Motorised Stage Platform is a concept unique to the Dubai Mall, constituted of the most sophisticated motorized platform in the world. The Platform is composed of 5 adjacent stages of different shapes and designs, each with a turntable and motorized lift mechanism. The stage floor, face and sides will be covered with specialized glass backed with custom shaped LED’s covering more than 4000 square feet. The results will allow the users to demonstrate videos and graphics and provide exceptional effects, making this mall a destination to the leading fashion shows and events of the world.
The catwalk / promotion system is made up of a five section steel structure comprising of:-

  • Section “A”; a large fan shaped triple deck steel structure with internal stairs (58sqm  per floor)
  • Section “B”; a rectangular steel deck with 5Meter revolve (42sqM)
  • Section’s “C1,C2,C3”;  three rectangular steel decks each (20 sqM)

Each is completely covered with custom made LED panels @ 25mm pitch displaying effects, video or live moving images and then encased in laminated tempered 3 X 12mm glass load bearing 5KN per sqm.
All of the sections are fitted to lift units working on vertical chain technology.

Lift “A” in basic operations has three positions:

  • Ground level
  • Ground + 1M
  • Ground + 3.8M

Lifts “B, C1, C2 and C3” in basic operations:

  • Ground level
  • Ground level + 1M
  • Ground level + 1.6M (Maintenance level)

LED Panels
The tops and audience sides of all sections are covered with 25mm pitch full colour LED panels custom made to fit the shape of the structure.
The content that may be displayed on these panels can be from patterns, effects or pictures to full live or recorded video.

The top surfaces are completely covered in triple ply tempered and laminated glass with the top side finished in an anti skid coating.
All gaps between the moving sections and the atrium floor are maximum 6mm to help prevent possible trapping of stiletto heels etc.
The underside of the glass is frosted.
The side panels are single tempered glass panels with a rear frost finish

Fashion show mode
Located in lower ground mezzanine is the changing rooms, in show mode the section “A” will be raised to full height (3.8M) and sections “B, C1, C2&C3” will be raised to 1M. This will allow the models to enter section “A” at mezzanine level and go up the internal stairs to access directly onto the catwalk.

Promotion mode
In this mode the operator may select any of the available decks to rise to any height within its parameters allowing the likes of a revolving car launch or arranging the decks in a podium or stair type arrangement.
This is not a people mover and is not intended for moving operations with personnel on board but to be a set up prior to a show.